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IKEA Malmö

IKEA Malmö staff dinner & party in 2014
We were commissioned to organize this party with their party committee. We organized place that was beautiful Luftkastellet two-course dinner and welcome drink.
We fixed sound and light as well as a DJ with many years of experience. Arranged with bus service to the guests who could not get out themselves. With about 200 guests and everything worked out the party was a success and we were ask to arrange their staff party the following year.


IKEA Malmö staff dinner & party 2015

This time they had a theme that was Bond 007. We organized beautiful Hall of Mirrors for dinner then the party down at the nightclub Hipp who became a successful party.


IKEA Malmö staff dinner & party in 2016

For the third year in a row, we are arrange their staff party with dinner and celebration Thursday, June 23.

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