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Basic for a successful event planners is to know the market and the target audience, target audience segments and what characterizes a truly attractive event product for the right audience at the right premises. ACES has 17 years of industry insight into different localities, regions and which concepts work when, where and for whom. With us you have an experienced partner who can help you achieve results.


We organize your office party, kick off, launches of a product or a brand, after work and much more from start to finish with everything that belongs to the local, music, staff, service, entertainment and more.
Companies that have chosen to hire us is
IKEA Malmö (3 consecutive years) and Lidl Malmo.
Do not hesitate to contact us for a more detailed presentation.


Private person:
We have organized everything from bachelorette parties, bridal showers, birthday parties, theme parties and much more.
For those who are private so we have access to all function places and can arrange everything for private events from tents, décor, entertainment, catering, music, artists, bar etc.


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