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Crysis 3 DX10 Fix.rar Size 2.69 MB 4shared [Updated-2022]




- 3 Nov, 2013 - ly2 - Group Info - Files - Clips - Comix - S.A. - K4upload - FileSonic - Archive - ZipRealm - OSR - File.ZIP - Softpedia - - EBSERVER -....Stable optical-frequency comb based on a planar microchip resonator. We report on a compact, integrated, single-frequency optical frequency comb generator based on a microchip ring resonator. An optical microchip with one high-quality factor Si/SiO2 ring resonator is used as a resonator. The comb of light is generated by an electro-optic modulator and the resonator is optically interrogated to produce radio-frequency modulation signals. To eliminate interference from other modes within the resonator, a single-frequency pump source is used to stabilize the frequency of the comb against ambient temperature and humidity fluctuations. A continuous frequency-tunable optical source is based on the comb using a periodically poled lithium niobate crystal. We demonstrate that the single comb generator can be continuously tuned over 80 GHz with a frequency precision of 1.1 Hz.Q: sql bulk-inserting I have a table [myTable] with 20,000 rows. I need to insert another table [myTable2] with 100 rows. Now I need to insert the data by bulk-inserting, since inserting one by one is taking too much time. So what I did is created a table [myTable2] cloned the contents of myTable into a temporary table ran a bulk insert into myTable2 deleted the contents of the temporary table Now my question is: what is the difference between creating a table on demand and doing a bulk insert? Will they slow down the performance? is there any better way to do the above without creating a temporary table (will the above be inefficient)? A: If you use CREATE TABLE [ON DEMAND] you will have to load the table into a temporary database when you first access it. With CREATE TABLE [ON COMMIT] you can start with a new database. To have tables in a newly created database you need to start the database with the CREATE DATABASE statement. Unless you use a batch import or similar tool, it will be very hard to bulk-insert 100 rows into a table that already exists




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Crysis 3 DX10 Fix.rar Size 2.69 MB 4shared [Updated-2022]

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